Our breeding approach had been to have solid, genetically sound foundation cows and match them to industry leading sires through AI, embryonic transfer or natural service where available. We're thankful for our past partnership bull with Gravett's G &G Longhorns and their bred bull Bobcat Logic out of Sittin' Bull. We also have used AI semen from such leading sires that consistently produce exceptional Longhorn calves with plenty of potential for all of the desirable Longhorn characteristics. Through our partnering with Chosen 1 Genetics, Russell Hooks, for our breeding program, we have selectively used semen from our inventory including:

Hunts Command Respect (BI68097)
KC Just Respect (BI73609)
Drag Iron
Clear Win
RHF Sharp Shooter
Wyoming Warpaint (B66496)
LL Maxamillion

Thanks to the several breeders that made these excellent genetic available to us smaller Longhorn owners who couldn't have produced the improved offspring without their help and offerings.