About Eyman Buckaroo Ranch

The EBL Ranch property will soon have new owners. After 15 years, Jim and Pia are turning a page of life and significantly reducing workload and ranch duties with a move to a much smaller property in Eastern Texas. Most of the livestock will remain with the property, with just a few retained to offer interested up-and-coming youth an opportunity for an agricultural and livestock educational experience. These youth participate in The Longhorn Project at Johnson Space Center, and we are honored to have the opportunity to be a part of this project through loaning our retained longhorns to them.

We  have immensely enjoyed our Hill Country experience and personal growth through meeting the challenges of the land and Longhorns. Particularly, it was especially rewarding to meet so many Longhorn breeders and members of the longhorn extended family.


Our new focus now will be towards a less intense lifestyle and enjoyment of the East Texas Piney Woods. But we'll always miss those Hill Country sunsets, too.