We welcome you to our website and hope you enjoy browsing our pages. For those new to the Longhorn breed we wish to share a little history. And for those old pros, we wish to thank you for your contributions and hope that you may find something helpful on our site to give back to you. But, before you get too far, please note we're running a special package sale of some fine longhorns that will make either a great starter herd or addition to your current herd! Please link to sale page for more details! 

The Longhorn breed's heritage as the foundation of the early American cattle industry is indisputable. Over 500 years ago, these cattle, with their rugged and hardy characteristics, survived and prospered in conditions throughout the southwest where other breeds could not. Only a little more than 100 years ago, millions of longhorn cattle were trailed north to fatten on more lush mid-western pastures or directly to cattle processors for the beef-hungry East. Eventually as fences were erected and pastures improved, the breed was replaced with much more productive types that met the growing beef market demands. Fortunately in the late 1920’s, with initiatives under the Federal government and the national forest services, and other early ranchers recognizing their value, the Longhorn's journey of preservation and re-growth began. Many breeders now privately raise genuine Longhorn cattle. All are dedicated to assuring the continuation of the purity of the breed and preserving this unique animal for posterity. We at the EBL Ranch are proud to consider ourselves among them.

Our goal is to raise great cattle that exhibit the genuine characteristics of the Texas Longhorn. Of course market forces and culture have reshaped what Longhorn features are more desirable today than those from yesteryear. While we appreciate the Longhorn marketing trend and desirability to breed larger and larger horn spread, it is also realistic to note that of the over 300,000 Longhorns registered and grazing the ranges of today, all aren't and won’t be that biggest 80 inch or 90 inch cow or bull. At the same time all owners of Longhorns aren't necessarily acquiring Longhorns to compete for the biggest horn of the day nor to build multimillion dollar breeding ranches. Instead we believe that there are many ranchers and owners of pasture capable properties who want to simply have really good looking, well balanced Longhorns that have color, conformation and horn representing the breed that has made such a historical impact on cattle raising in the United States. Just to put these beauties in your pasture for enjoyment and the occasional need to calve, sell or produce table fare offer many an opportunity to engage in the agricultural field. A major side benefit is the rewarding physical work and camaraderie within the cattle business; and without a huge investment. To this end, we at the EBL Ranch acquire, breed and raise our Longhorns to fill this more generalized need. We build upon proven genetics to assure that the longhorns that are produced represent the best genuine Longhorn characteristics with their varied colors and plentiful horn.

Check out our ranch, herd and sale barn. We have genuine longhorn cattle for sale at all times. Hopefully we can meet a need for you in providing you high quality prospects for your pasture pleasures or breeding program. Contact us and drop by for a visit. We’re always pleased to show what we have and to try to help others as many experienced breeders have so willingly helped us.

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